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Twinpods.com | 1 month old | 5200 members
Author Topic: Twinpods.com | 1 month old | 5200 members  (Read 11346 times)
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Reply #75: Jun 14, 2010 12:47 am

since I have upgraded to 1.05 I have problems with membership, on ptcevolution forum I have posted the problem with the message error in the admin area but also in member area, no one can upgrade nor enjoy their upgrades. many sites have had no problems with upgrading to 1.05, maybe it's a bad manipulation from my part even if I have follow the upgrade process or maybe a server side problem with the upgrade, so far I am asking Andres first as the script is zended.

Dear admin
         I wish you can solve this problem.
         Because I like this site so much.

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Reply #76: Jun 16, 2010 01:24 pm

Hi, I know some member are faithfull but the things is getting worse, not script wise but many people believe we are going and have made chargebacks on PP and complains on AP.

Our Paypal was limited but since wwe have refunded many people who have requested it, it is now ok, however our funds has been hit badly.
As for AP, I fear the worse, since AP now is limiting account after a few complains and because their support is pretty poor at the moment...

Let's see.

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