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{{{{{{ $10.00 AP Payout - Ebook Writing Job - Only One Employer }}}}}}}
Author Topic: {{{{{{ $10.00 AP Payout - Ebook Writing Job - Only One Employer }}}}}}}  (Read 7257 times)
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Mar 09, 2010 08:30 am

Sorry for my Bad English  :-[

I will pay $10.00 via AlertPay for this writing job. Only i will select one employer only. Me and my team will choose the employer.

- This ebook is not for sale. For a general purpose.
- $10.00  Shocked Payout via AlertPay only. No PayPal or other processors.
- Must Complete the work within 7 Days.
- I will pay $5.00 as advance and will pay the remaining $5.00 after you finished the work.
- I will honest in Payments.  big grin
- Only one employer will be selected. and he will be used in our future projects.  high5
- If this project rocks we will reward with $20 or higher amount.  dance2
- Your name & contact details will be published with this ebook.  [ like this  Ebook written by YOURNAME from EMS  ems ]

Here what should you do ?

* Must write an ebook.
* Topic is " How to run a successful Bux site with Buxhost ?"
shakefist Don't copy contents from PTC Owner ebook. Bcz i have that ebook.

Contnts :
* Membership variables.

* How to set Per click, reff clik rates, direct reff limit , membership price , and ad click price.
Eg : Forumulas :

Like    perclick+reffclick*1000= 1000 clicks Price

Per reff click * # of d.reff +$2 = one month upgrade price

Like above forumlas.

* Provide some tips to run that bux without advertisers. Means >>> Perfect Plans.

* Write that how to make the people to invest and clicking ?
*  Write other strategies on how to run a buxhost ptc ?

* how to set 50/50 cashout rule ?
* Innovative contest ideas , and many.

But Payout is $10.00 only.

Only Experinced PPL PM please.
* We will select the employer after 24 hrs. and will pay the advance $5.00 to the employer. Tomorrow.
Will pay the advance to the employer, when he selected.


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Reply #1: Mar 09, 2010 08:44 am

m i eligible to write this ebook. look at my blog i have 2 reviews written on it.

these r the links, and i can write very great things about running buxhost ptc. 



see both the reviews. 
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Reply #2: Mar 09, 2010 02:16 pm

Allow me to write a Ebook for you.

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