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Banner Contest: Win $1.25 + 1 Month Upgrade
Author Topic: Banner Contest: Win $1.25 + 1 Month Upgrade  (Read 11526 times)
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hypnotized much?

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Reply #75: Mar 06, 2010 01:31 PM

Then why are u jumping inside kiddoo when u dont want to mess stay away.

So NorthOwl uncle how are u feeling in hidden a** area ( 1 User Hidden ) see this is power of truth i forced u to hide yourself from Online list. This is called as true power i made u forced on your own forum to hide yourself .. can u realize now how truth works ? i am again telling u dont mess with me or may be sometime i will lock your a** or may be Kareem kick u for doing same stupidity all the time. Anger is not solution use brain which u dumped in your head .. if u will not use brain u will feel dizziness that is why Evil inside your brain make u proudy and ur all acts are giving ur -ve marks , i am more intelligent then u thats why giving u free suggestion. Stop scamming think again there is god who will punish u for sure wether u accept it or not but after death u cant even ask for forgiveness so its good time for u to accept that u done Mistake and u done partiality.

@Miguel from next time read the thread understand things and then put your nose inside or someone will punch u out.

oh yeah u can ban this IP next is waiting.  rofl

I'm the one punching you out and I did read the thread. Northowl doesn't need to hide, you were here enough time to know that this forum has a lot of guests due to all the traffic it receives.

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Reply #76: Mar 06, 2010 04:05 PM

Wow what a loser, this guy needs to get a life.

Anyways yes I was partner on Earn3, yes I worked for Buxout, yes they failed. Ive been involved in many failed businesses, so had Donald Trump and any Entrepreneur.

If you need assistance on EMS please contact Admin Mak
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Reply #77: Mar 06, 2010 04:16 PM

This is going to be an unbiased post alright? I am not a staff of EMS anymore am I so why would I stand up for it? In fact, you might think I'm pissed off but no. The reason is I believe what was done is right.

You guys want to know the whole story here it is:

Day 1:

Jacke Joins EMS, with sangeeth, lynnj was talking to them about some issue against the two, something simple like (does xxxbux have bots?) in the EMS Chat. I joined, I took lynns side (we don't get along but whatever) this wasn't a heated debate or anything just discussing some bux site or something. But then Jacke asks me if I come from a certain country I said yes but I live in America. Then Jacke and Sangeeth start calling me a b***h over and over again for taking the Americans side. There was no action taken against them except a stern talking from Kareem.

What does this story prove? : EMS is easy going and NorthOwl and Kareem don't like banning people, and clearly who is being racist here? Jacke and Sangeeth against me for being American however we moved on. A gang is forming, jacke and sangeeth have each others backs.

Second incident:

My_PTC_Site accused EMS of moving his site from Stable to New Websites because we hate him. (the actual reason found was because NorthOwl moved it as it only paid out a couple dollars). I gave him a temporary ban, why did I do so? As staff we work damn hard, and how dare he ask that we moved it cause we hated him. Anyways after his banning, Jacke opened a thread about the banning, not out of the goodness of his heart but because My_PTC_Site told him and many others to post.

What does this story prove? : They all have each others backs, and will do anything for each other when one of them is banned (proved by this thread)

Third incident:

I suffer abuse in EMS chat all the time from them, sangeeth, BuxHit, Jacke, and other of this "gang". And what started it? The first day when I told them I was american. Truth is the abuse NorthOwl suffered in this thread is what I have to deal with everyday from them, I'm not over exaggerating this is how I am treated in the chat by them, and I think I handle it dang well for how much I get from them, but I guess I cracked?

Example: I was making an addon for saketasati and I wanted to test the purchasing system to make sure the addon was working. I asked saketasati to add $5.00 in my balance just to test purchasing and ofcourse saketasati said yes, just for testing purchases then the money can be removed. At the time sangeeth was in the chat and said "WHAT?! AjayP your charging another indian for an addon shame on you shame on you and some other stuff" and I just left the chat apoligizing to saket and said I would install the addon another time.

What does this story prove?: I always get crap from these guys and it's so much everyday, I doubt any of you on the forum could take this much, you guys have no idea how much racism I am subjected to. I even resigned because I didn't think I could keep taking their abuse, but came back later when MEM and other told me to stand up to them, but I guess I couldn't handle it without being rude, while I'm sorry for that but I can't their is so many insults I get being just me, and I don't know what else am I supposed to do? Most of you can't put yourself into my situation.

The BuxHit banning:

BuxHit talks about religon and race after many warnings, and is banned only for 3 days.

What does this story prove:

Why did I complain to NorthOwl for the BuxHit and Jacke banning? Because they referred to FJ and Aethism (non godly-religon-believer) and said "Aethists are Insane", ok that is never OK to go say something about a religion, thats like saying "{Insert religon here} is Insane" here is the chat:
Tell me BuxHit is not at fault here, I told him "This is not appropriate BuxHit" and he continues he deserved ATLEAST a 3-day ban.

Saketasati I showed you this chat, and you even agreed so I'm guessing your mind has been changed by BuxHit, welcome to the gang saket.... welcome to the gang. You even agreed about jacke and sangeeth, to me, strange how your mind changed when your fellow gang members were watching. And by the way your "friends" always insult me in the chat about "if your such a good coder how come you took 5 days to fix CashNHits??" while guess what if you don't like it saket, I am done fixing bugs on your site, I make no guarantee to do so but I do fix bugs on all my addons (or offer a refund) I have done so with Specter, The_Rock, You, etc..... but if you don't like it enjoy the bugs Smiley Your business doesn't mean anything to me saketasati, you can stop using me as a developer and I don't really care.

NorthOwl: Sorry as this banning has caused trouble, but I could stand buxhit talking about religion in the chat anymore, and his friends exploded the situation (even though My_PTC_Site agreed with the kick from the chat atleast)
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Reply #78: Mar 06, 2010 05:23 PM

Before I lock this topic I have one thing to say :

on the internet, at one moment a person might appear nice to you, but make no mistake, he can turn against you at the snap of a hand, whatever you have done for him in the past and whatever you're still doing for him.

EMS is an earning related forum, and I guess there is no place for useless drama.

I am very disappointed at some of the things some people posted in this thread, after all we were nothing but compassionate and tried our best to be fair to everyone, many members can confirm that, many people made mistakes, they asked to be given another chance and we did give it to them , many members accused EMS and staff of many many horrible things and we didn't take it personally and let them be, but at the end somethings just can't go on like that.

Whether AjayP reacted rationally or not, whether we took his side or not, I read the evidence, some people were clearly been prejudice towards him and that stands high above all the little things.

AjayP has done nothing but good to this community, he made free addons, he helped admins, he helped moderate this forum, he posted security warnings to the admins ( ask anyone of them ) instead of using it to cash in from them ( something any other developer would do, it's just business ) and I m sad to see this is how he is re payed.

Northowl : has organized countless contests, gave away countless amounts of money out of his pocket, no forum owner out there would do such, I dare you to show me an example, he has been nothing but tolerant to many many people, I honestly think if you managed to piss NorthOwl then you should congratulate yourself and know you hit a new low, because nobody pisses him easily.

Miguel : has been here since the beginning, maybe he acted too fast on the yd-ptc situation, but that still isn't a reason not to ban him because he was already on his way there, people make mistakes so why should anyone hang Miguel from the neck because he acted fast.

Nitinkumar : I told you this was going to happen, you didn't listen, you still kept dissing EMS, and I m sure EMS helped your site in a way or another, yet you kept on dissing it, I thank you for that, you show gratefulness to this community the best way you can and that is by been negative.

Saket : You should remember the days when we helped fix your ordeal with a certain member, we did our best, we didn't just ban ban and get it over with and that should show character of this staff, and you are the last one I expected to dis staff.

Bottom of line, please guys just try to get along, I said this and will say whenever I can, we never like banning people and will never do, it's counter productive, I read the support everyday in hopes for a member's message asking for his account back and admitting he made a mistake and I do see them and that makes me happy because they are truly interested in this community.

This post is nothing but an observation, it is not an attack against anyone, just a couple of advices, hopefully people will understand them.

Topic locked.

PS: Josh sorry we hijacked your topic, please start a new one if you need to, thanks!
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