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cashluv.com - NEW GPT website
Author Topic: cashluv.com - NEW GPT website  (Read 921 times)
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Mar 04, 2010 03:09 pm

The url is http://www.cashluv.com

We have USA, UK and Canadian offers

There is a referral contest going on at the moment. More contests and a ton of updates and a brand new custom design will be added also.

Payments are currently net30 and the first payouts will be made in april then daily payouts will be added.

If anyone wants to sign up feel free

You also get 20% cash from your level 1 referrals, 15% cash from level 2 referrals and 10%from level 3 referrals.

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Reply #1: Mar 04, 2010 04:33 pm

A very clean looking GPT website. Hopefully the net30 payment won't stagger your website growth.

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