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An Innovative Featured Platform for Driving Distributor Performance
Author Topic: An Innovative Featured Platform for Driving Distributor Performance  (Read 36 times)
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Nov 29, 2022 01:02 am

The direct sales industry has been experiencing challenges with educating, entertaining and engaging their distributors. This can have a major impact on the companies bottom line, as well as affecting distributor relationships that could result in high turnover rates and attrition. It is important for direct selling companies to provide their distributors with a long-term solution that could also empower them with extended productivity. The companies got should have a system that can help them drive distributor performance and accelerate the growth system of their company.

This article explores how distributors, who are the front line for sales and distribution of products in direct sales companies, were able to significantly improve their efficiency by empowering them with technology. For example, a leading health and wellness company with experienced distributors was becoming more difficult due to low conversion rates on a number of different levels. Distributors were falling out of the system at an alarming rate; just because they felt that they weren't being fairly compensated for their work. They use them as sales agents, for customer acquisition and for marketing. Yet the company found it difficult to integrate its distribution system into the existing framework of their growth system, which led to recurring legal and regulatory compliance issues in addition to other problems such as training a distributor's personal network with no knowledge about the company's product or how they work together on all levels—onboarding, training, and engaging.

The company wanted to empower their distributors and provide a platform that would help them grow their business. The goal was to create an automation system which will be scalable, transparent, and allow the distributor base to grow without burdening the admin staff with additional work. The commission engine process real-time payouts automatically, and admins no longer have to enter all the commissions each time they come in from a distributor. This way it is ensured that payments are accurate for both parties involved and more timely and automatically enhanced the distributor performance too.
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