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Oct 09, 2022 12:57 pm


Crypto Investment Contracts Platform

Security. Convenient. High yield

Earn high returns

Quick registration. Secure account.

METADIG is based on the latest mining pool contract technology, with TRC-20 exchange gaining revenue and direct pro-rata TRX access for users.

METADIG is a decentralized application, designed to create a blockchain that provides convenience to a wide range of blockchain users. Fast service and stable income with low risk.
METADIG is a security contract based on the ERC-20.TRC-20 chain. We put customer funds into the mining pool to maintain liquidity, and DIG stewards conduct fund supervision. TRON market regulation to ensure that TRX tokens are not hacked.

METADIG allows users to use USDT/TRX for currency recharge, you can directly monitor the income brought by the liquidity pool in the application, and you can obtain higher VIP level and rights through recharge.
METADIG liquidity mining annualized 10% higher

Go to our main page first
Enter registration

After registration
The system will 2000TRX Rewards are placed in your locked assets

Secondary verification
After registration click My Page
Account Security
Real-name authentication
After filling in the information and passing the authentication
The system will 3000TRX Rewards are placed in your locked assets

Active mining
You can use the rewarded locked assets to do it
Active mining
Active mining generates locked income,
in daily 24:00 You can claim the income on the day of settlement

Unlock locked income
By depositingorInvite friendsYou can unlock the corresponding proportion of locked income, withdraw cash, and improve your income at the same time.
(1) Recharge
You can unlock the locked income of 2-9% of the recharge amount

Invite friends to join METADIG,
Friends can unlock a certain percentage of locked income after secondary authentication, and can withdraw directly.

VIP mining machine usage process
now available Deposit TRX enter the mining machine to obtain income. Click the contract to select the VIP member miner make a mining contract.
Member miners can only invest User deposit TRX
(Investable assets), and Minimum input 100TRX
Receive income after the end

Withdrawal process
Different membership levelsThe daily withdrawal ratio is different,Minimum 2.3%~9.3%.

All deposited TRX will meet the contract liquidity with the incomemonth,Unlock withdrawalUsers can withdraw all amounts after one calendar month.
Also available via Invite new users for secondary verification, join us, Also can unlock 7% profit

Register to get 2000TRX

Google play:


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