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How to make money with 128BTC?
Author Topic: How to make money with 128BTC?  (Read 40 times)
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Sep 24, 2022 07:49 am

What is 128 BTC?

128 BTC is the world's first peer-to-peer team funding system that helps you earn up to 128 BTC in no time and right after you sign up.

How to register and activate your account in 128 BTC?
1) Visit us at https://128b.live/Login/Register/681150
2) Click on Login/Register
3) Enter your sponsor's referral code: 681150, your email address, your BTC address and create a password.
4) Activate the ID by making a payment of 0.0005 BTC.
5) Log in to your account to find the real time dashboard and send your referral link to potential referrals

How to make money with 128BTC?

128BTC org Global is a Peer-To-Peer with founder Eric Roberts and headquarters in the USA.
you would have to make a one time deposit of 0.0005btc and sponsor 2 people to enter the lineal matrix just two people to qualify. you would have to complete 6 levels then you would recycle
Here are the earnings and the number of people to get in your genealogy.

Income level
at Level 1 you would need 2 members and that will bring you $12
at Level 2 you would need 4 members and that will bring you $50
at Level 3 you would need 8 members and you would earn $300
at Level 4 you would need 16 members and you would get $3000
at Level 5 you would need 32 members and you would get $55,000
at Level 6 you would need 64 members and you would get 6000000$.
withdrawals are automatic and go directly to your wallet

How sponsorship works on 128BTC
50% off your direct deposit

Automatic withdrawal

Now you know how to receive your earnings...

The payment methods on the 128btc site are :

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