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Join Timebucks and make money from push links
Author Topic: Join Timebucks and make money from push links  (Read 163 times)
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Jul 30, 2022 11:14 pm


Push Links

In this task, you will be able to generate push subscribers by sending links to friends or anywhere outside of TimeBucks. When your visitors click "Allow" to browser notifications, they will become your subscriber and they will start getting push notifications sent to their browser. Each time they click on one of the notifications, you will earn money.

You can lock content and require people click Allow to notifications to view that content. Just copy and paste any link you want into the form below, click the green Generate Link button and you will receive a special shortened link from it. Send this link to friends, advertise on other PTC websites, or anywhere you want.


- This DOES NOT work for iOS devices! This means, anyone with an iPhone or iPad will not be able to click allow to notifications, you will only earn from Desktop PC and Android devices.
- You can send your link anywhere, the only banned traffic sources are VPN/Proxy/Bot traffic, this means using a VPN to subscribe yourself is not allowed.
- People cannot subscribe to notifications when viewing your link from the Facebook App as Facebook blocks notifications so it will not work. We recommend using WhatsApp to send links to friends, or advertising on PTC websites will get you a lot of subscribers.
- You DO NOT earn anything simply for someone clicking on your link! You will only earn when they click Allow, and then click on one of the push notification ads they click on!
- To view your earnings, you can click the "VIEW STATS" button below to see your earnings, these stats update automatically every 10 minutes. At the end of the day, all the revenue you made will be inserted into your TimeBucks account.
- There is NO LIMIT to how many subscribers you can get.
- There is a limit of 24 ad clicks per subscriber per day. Each notification is normally sent every hour. The type of ads that will be served are Online Dating, Antivirus, Prize Giveaways, News Articles.
- The rate per click varies from country and day, you will only know the amount after the click is done by checking the Stats page.
- Once your friend subscribes to your notifications, they can't subscribe twice, so sending them a second link is pointless.
- If your friends unsubscribe to your notifications, you will stop earning money from them.
- An example of a way to get traffic: If you want to share a youtube video to friends on whatsapp, enter the youtube link below, generate a link, and send to them on whatsapp. They will need to click allow to notifications to view the video.

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