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Get Multiple Free Gift Cards RIGHT NOW For Limited Time Only
Author Topic: Get Multiple Free Gift Cards RIGHT NOW For Limited Time Only  (Read 21 times)
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Jun 23, 2022 05:49 AM

 Did you know that PayPal offers a $750 gift card?

Itís true!

In addition to being a convenient way to send and receive money, PayPal also offers a wide variety of gift cards.

You can use PayPal to purchase gift cards for retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.

Or, you can use PayPal to purchase gift cards for restaurants, movie theaters, and other entertainment venues.

Sign up here to get your Paypal Gift Card - - https://linktr.ee/shivansh2002

 7 Things You Wouldn't Think to Do With Your Gift Cards:

 Gift cards are popular among Americans. According to the National Retail Federation, the average person planned to give $174 worth of physical and digital gifts last year, up from $163 in 2013. Unfortunately, we could do a better job of budgeting our money. In reality, Americans hoarded gift cards worth millions of dollars last year. Here's how to unlock your locked wealth if you're holding onto a few hundred dollars spread among many shiny plastic gifts.

1. Pay your bills with it.- No, don't put your cards back in the junk drawer and wait for the best time to spend them. If your gift is a debit card from a bank, you may be able to use your balance to pay for items you'd normally pay for, including your bills, depending on the card and the retailer. Instead of spending the money on groceries or gas, put it in the bank. Even better, you might be able to turn your card into cash. Check the rules and regulations.
2. Put them up for sale - Several websites that buy and sell gift cards at a discount have popped up in recent years. Gift cards allow buyers to make a small financial saving on gifts or other purchases of goods and services. Sellers have the option of converting their cards into cash to use as they please. Some cards are more desirable than others, and prices on these exchanges change according to demand. However, there is a good choice if you don't mind losing a little of your card's value. Before buying or selling, make sure to compare prices as they differ between exchanges. GiftCards.com, Cardpool, and GiftCardRescue.com are a few options.

3. You can exchange them with your friends and coworkers. Set up a trading circle to match cards with recipients if you believe your friends and coworkers to be authentic about the balances on their cards. Will you exchange one of your AMC Theaters for two of my Applebee's?
4. Maintain a sense of balance -.How much money is left on that Starbucks gift card after a few lattes and a scone? The issuer's website is normally where you can find the balance, or you can scan your card or cards and let an app like GoWallet check the balance for you. A gift card exchange is also available via GoWallet.

5. Carry them on your smartphone -. You can spend your gift cards using GoWallet, too, which is a lot more convenient than carrying them around. Apple Passbook and Google Wallet can do this for you as well. Instead of carrying around your gift cards, you can spend them using GoWallet, which is much more convenient. You can also accomplish this using Google Wallet and Apple Passbook.

6.   Donate them- .Most charities will gladly accept your card, even if it only has a partial balance. If your preferred charity does not, check out CharityGiftCertificates.org where you can choose a charity to donate the card to. Additionally, Gift Card Giver gives out cards to charities and people in need.

7. Regift them. - You can thoughtfully re-gift your card to someone else if it is in good condition on the inside and out (no partial balances!). Even though you don't enjoy shopping at Macy's, someone who does will soon be able to use the unused gift card that's been taking up space in your desk drawer.

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