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$25 of $DESO absolutely free for signing up to diamondapp
Author Topic: $25 of $DESO absolutely free for signing up to diamondapp  (Read 130 times)

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Nov 25, 2021 09:14 am

$DESO is a decentralized social network, a bit like twitter. It's looking for new users and they have asked us old users to invite people to join. They will pay you $25 for registering and doing a KYC on secured net verified process. This will literally take a matter of minutes and you'll have your $25. deso.org is the blockchain, diamondapp.com is the app. (No download is required)

The process to getting your $25 is below.

1 - Visit referral link

2 - Sign up and save the password (long words copy paste them somewhere safe DO NOT LOSE THEM)

3 - Get verified (click on get $100 blue sign and proceed to verification (needed one form of id)

4 - Play around look at the site if you wish withdraw your money. I used Ascendex to do this.


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