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Various New Features our Clone Octofi
Author Topic: Various New Features our Clone Octofi  (Read 50 times)
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Oct 22, 2021 04:51 AM

As well as were seeing various new features our Clone

Markets (exchange pairs with BTC / ETH / USDC markets)
(Instant) Swap trading
Explore and invest in liquidity pools (Uniswap, Balancer, Curve & yEarn pools currently supported)
Governance tools with an overview of all projects powered through governance. Easy to create, manage and vote on proposals.
Exploring tools to explore top tokens by market cap, token sets (automated trading strategies), liquidity pools, trending pairs, top-5 derivative exchanges and the top-5 24-hour gainers/losers.
OctoFi dApp.it is an early product for the company and it is designed to be as simple as possible so new individuals can feel more comfortable in the world of cryptocurrency.
Octofi Wallet. The wallet is not currently available through the computer but that will be the main point of the whole thing. This will allow you to download and start making transactions immediately through referral partners.
Octofi Token.OCTO tokens are part of the system's administrative process. These tokens allow you to distribute revenue and get extra features. You can buy them from Octophy or Uniswap, which provides a safe and secure way to get started.

We CashCraft is the most promising Cryptocurrency Cashback Development pioneer that makes a stunning Cryptocurrency Cashback Biz Platform with the help of our 100 % Customized Octofi Clone. Its a complete replica of Octofi Clone with Functionalities and features. We providing highly skilled professionals to bulid your Octofi clone to establish for your business suits.
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