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WOM Protocol Launches a Suite of Tools to Replace Ads and Revolutionize
Author Topic: WOM Protocol Launches a Suite of Tools to Replace Ads and Revolutionize  (Read 58 times)
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Oct 15, 2021 06:49 AM

WOM Protocol Launches a Suite of Tools to Replace Ads and Revolutionize the Ecommerce and In-store Customer Experience

Singapore, 14 October 2021WOM Protocol, a social commerce solution that enables brands to leverage word-of-mouth recommendations, announced today the launch of the Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing Toolkit–a suite of products to help ecommerce sites tap into the most effective form of marketing and target customers with user-generated product recommendations.

The WOM Marketing Toolkit includes:

The Web Recorder which enables customers to record recommendations for products they purchase and love. The Web Recorder is set up as a standalone page that brands direct customers to via various CTAs such as post-purchase emails and buttons on their websites.

The Product Viewer which enables brands to display authenticated recommendations within product listings alongside the traditional product images and descriptions. Shoppers can see the product in action, authentically demonstrated and recommended by their peers.

The Channel Viewer which enables brands to display recommendations anywhere on a website. With the Channel Viewer brands can create engaging experiences throughout the ecommerce experience to encourage potential customers to progress along the sales funnel.

The Dedicated Channel Display which enables brands to benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations outside of their ecommerce domain and display authenticated UGC videos in their physical in-store displays.

These complementary tools can be implemented together or independently. All recommendations are authenticated by the WOM Protocol and brands can choose videos from an ever-increasing library of authenticated recommendations sourced from numerous platforms.

The WOM Marketing Toolkit is free to download and use. Contact WOM Protocol at info@womprotocol.io for access now. A version for Shopify stores will soon be available as well in the Shopify App store.

The first company to roll out the WOM Marketing Toolkit is mycashbacks.com, a loyalty company with a portfolio of more than 2000 stores and tens of thousands of users.

Mycashbacks.com expects to see increased conversion from personal recommendations of current customers during the discovery phase of the customer’s journey and will complete a full rollout of the Toolkit in preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

The WOM Marketing Toolkit is complemented by the WOM Campaign Manager. The WOM Campaign Manager provides a dashboard and control panel to view all recommendations about products, configure which recommendations will be displayed on a website or in-store (called Campaigns), and track all of the engagement metrics and KPIs related to these recommendations and configurations. The WOM Campaign Manager is a free tool accessed at https://cm.womprotocol.io.

Brands can then set up campaign budgets by purchasing WOM Tokens to launch user-generated marketing campaigns and display recommendations on their websites. The payment model is based on engagement with these user-generated recommendations, meaning that there is no cost to the brand until potential customers see the recommendation on the brand’s website.

All recommendations are authenticated through the WOM Authenticator app, enabling the creators to earn WOM Tokens as users engage with the content and make purchases without compromising consumer trust in the content.

Melanie Mohr, founder and CEO of WOM, said: “Social commerce has focused far too long on discovery and inspiration, when we should be looking further down the funnel. When someone visits an online store or a product page they are truly at the right moment to be targeted with appropriate products because now they have intent to make a purchase. I don’t mean targeting through data tracking or creepy advertising, but rather with relevant, authentic and most importantly trustworthy user-generated product recommendations that can help them make their purchase decision. That’s why we developed the Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit – to help brands display the right content at the right moment in the customer journey to drive conversion.”

About the WOM Protocol
WOM (word of mouth) Protocol is building a blockchain-based protocol that gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any app or platform. WOM is backed by dozens of seasoned investors from around the globe and has generated more than one million transactions. For more info about WOM: https://womprotocol.io

About the Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit

The Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit enables brands to turn customers into brand advocates and increase conversion and loyalty by leveraging crowd-authenticated word-of-mouth recommendations in online and physical stores. The Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit provides access to the Web Recorder, Product Viewer, Channel Viewer, and Display Channel Viewer which enable customers to make recommendations and enable brands to use those recommendations in their sales funnels. For more information about the Word of

Mouth Marketing Toolkit: https://womprotocol.io/ecommerce
Company: WOM Protocol Pte. Ltd.
Address: 1 Nanson Road Level 3, Singapore
Email: info@womprotocol.io
Website: womprotocol.io

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