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How Does NFT Marketplace Work to Benefit its Users?
Author Topic: How Does NFT Marketplace Work to Benefit its Users?  (Read 126 times)
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Aug 16, 2021 04:26 AM

Before the development of NFT Marketplace, one must know the working of NFT Marketplace from the client-side.

Step 1: Initially, users have to sign up on the NFT Marketplace.
Step 2: Install a digital wallet to store NFTs
Step 3: Then user can create their assets by uploading their items of work
Step 4: Users are free to select desired payment tokens and set fees for their digital works
Step 5: Then they should list items for sale
Step 6: The user is subjected to choose a bid for a fixed price.
Step 7: Transaction is made when listing an item for sale

This is how an NFT Marketplace works and benefits the user of the platform.

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