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Remitano analyst analysis Bitcoin USD graph
Author Topic: Remitano analyst analysis Bitcoin USD graph  (Read 56 times)
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Apr 08, 2021 04:13 AM

As you also know price tracking on Remitano Vietnam , for a long time, bitcoin has risen extremely strongly, now it is extremely possible that when it comes back to control the peak and continue to adjust sharply down . I am not yet fully certain that the Bit will reverse, but still expect it to adjust further.

In the long term, it is clear that Btc coin remains a bullish trend on greater timeframes. Therefore, whatever can happen now, the price of Bit can continue to rise again, or even break the peak.

I still believe that Bitcoins have great support from the 'Big Hands'. Owning a hand that is standing in the back lane makes the price of Bit, the price of each group seem to be storing large quantities and they can take the initiative. Therefore, exchanging Btc coin is really dangerous.

So, according to Remitano, what do we need to do with Bitcoin?
BUY BTCUSD vng 35500 SL 32000 TP(1) 42000 TP(2) 45000
I am going to see the trend of Btc in the coming days. Btc coin over the past few days is holding quite a strong raise. As of today (February 4) the price of bitcoin is at $ 38500.

at the previously established $ 38500 level last week and 986.000.000 vnd in remitano exchange, then withdrew extremely strongly, forming a PinBar candlestick pattern. Today the Bit is following an enhanced trend price pattern over the long term. After setting a strong resistance of $ 42,000 then corrected back to $ 28700 and then bounced up sharply into the current range.

As shown above, you can easily see that most of the aspect is in favor of the long-term uptrend. next days we will head towards resistance at $ 42000, a strong resistance level widely noticed by traders.

Currently, those who still believe in Btc coin can continue to increase strongly in the long term, they can continue to buy in the long-term trend.

But in my opinion, continuing to chase the Bit in this area is really risky. We have to wait and wait for the reversal signals which are still the cheapest at the moment.

SELL BTCUSD tại 38500 SL 42500 TP(1) 35000 TP(2) 30000
Do you believe in each Bitcoin reversal scenario in this price area can refer to the following signal:

It is extremely possible that this is a revision of the last peak plus then a decrease in the long term. Under this scenario, the Btc coin will fall and form a downtrend reversal pattern:

Form a pattern of lower high after the previous peak, the back bottom is more affordable than the previous bottom

Today it seems that all signs support a long-term uptrend, the bearish reversal signal is still not available, so waiting is still the lowest option for now. This trading signal is only for those who prefer the risk of catching the trend reversal early and accepting the danger.

As buyers also know, Btc coin is extremely volatile. Therefore, when entering an order, it is imperative to comply with the stop-loss (SL) principle set forth in order to limit losses when the financial reverses suddenly.

Most of the comments and analysis of technical analyst Nguyen Huu Duc Trader at the Bitcoin exchange san Remitano are just sharing, for everyone to see more about the market . Hope to help users somewhat in making decisions to participate in the market, to choose to make a profit for themselves. Wishing customers competitive and profitable transactions!

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