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[WTB] Someones Help With Ebay
Author Topic: [WTB] Someones Help With Ebay  (Read 602 times)
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Feb 16, 2010 03:25 pm

Hi Guys

I am trying to set up a sellers account on ebay but when I get to the 'confirm you telephone number' part ebay I can't do it as i only have a mobile Sad

I checked their help section/ community forums and you can use a friends landline number to complete this part of the sign up, and you just change the number after you have completed the seller set up.

So I am wondering if we have any UK members here who can help me out Smiley

I am willing to pay up to $5 (Paypal) if someone can provide me with a UK Landline number, and then for them to answer the call and PM me the code the automated call gives.


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