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EvolutionScript v5.9.3 and New Partnerships
Author Topic: EvolutionScript v5.9.3 and New Partnerships  (Read 293 times)
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Mar 04, 2021 09:51 PM

Lootably and Notik Offerwalls

Before to let you know the new features of our software, we'd like to announce our partnership with two companies:

  • Lootably Offerwall, a company from United States and
  • Notik Offerwall, a company from Israel

We'll support both sites giving a free integration from v5.9.2 (as addon) and for this new version as default feature.

For users who still want to use v5.9.2, can download these free addons here:

Lootably: https://www.evolutionscript.com/client_download/lootably5.9.2.zip

Notik: https://www.evolutionscript.com/client_download/notik5.9.2.zip

We also make a documentation to setup these offerwalls:

Lootably: https://support.evolutionscript.com/kb/article/3/Lootably-offerwall

Notik: https://support.evolutionscript.com/kb/article/4/Notik-Offerwall

EvolutionScript v5.9.3

  • We have fixed the automatic suspension when Admin login as user if Administrator uses multiple accounts.
  • Admin can enable/disable automatic suspension of multiple account. (Setup → Security)
  • Admin can enable/disable automatic suspension when user click a cheat link. (Setup → Security)
  • Video ads (Youtube videos) added, now you can offer Pay To Watch Videos.
  • Notik Offerwall added.
  • Lootably Offerwall added.

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