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Issue resolved - please close!
Author Topic: Issue resolved - please close!  (Read 150 times)
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Oct 07, 2020 08:54 PM

How many of you here are on his downline and have an RCB deal with him ? How long have you heard from him ?  He has been my sponsor for so many years, and I never had a problem with him before, has always been reliable and responds to e-mail all those years.  Unfortunately, and very disappointingly, I have not heard from him in MONTHS - I've tried to reach out to him by e-mail with no reply.  My last RCB paid was for April and May, and then it stopped, I am owed RCB for 4 months worth (around $480 of earnings) I have sent him screenshot proof of earnings and the total amounts for RCB, it's a fairly large amount he owes me now.  Since f*cking July up to now I have had some of my best months I had in 8-10 months on ySense, so I hope he is OK and well, but I am starting to worry.  If he is well and he does not want to do this anymore it would be nice to let me know if the deal is off and hopefully they can switch sponsors.  Anybody else waiting for RCB payments from him ?

Issue resolved - he finally responded to me and came through the deal - Thank you, case closed.

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