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Twtlottery.com - Payment proofs!
Author Topic: Twtlottery.com - Payment proofs!  (Read 1408 times)
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Feb 09, 2010 03:35 PM

Hey EMS,

My name is Brett Porcelli. I have had an account here at EMS but I only pop in once in a while to make a post, as you can see by my low post count. Regardless, I am a web developer, and owner of multiple websites who also happens to enjoy making a buck here or there. Recently, I came out with my newest site, Twtlottery.com. Developed over the past few days, this website is a brand new lottery site that uses twitter as a self-promoting method. Hence the abbreviation "Twt" in the domain.

Anyhow, the site works like so:

  • Sign Up
  • Log In
  • Purchase a Ticket for $1 to enter this week's drawing
  • $0.50 is added to the lottery (after reduction of fees)
  • Users are given the option to tweet a message with the current lottery prize (this is OPTIONAL)
  • A drawing is held each Friday at 11:50 PM EST and the winner gets the full cash prize sent to their PayPal account!

Yes, I know that USUALLY lottery sites are recognized as scams. I knew that their would be many skeptics when it came to the release of this site, so to prove that I am indeed NOT a scammer, I gave a lucky 7 people free tickets into last weeks February 5th drawing absolutely free. On Friday, the winner was automatically chosen, and the payment of $10 was sent. The payment proof is on the homepage of the site if you would like to see it. If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know - I will be more than eager to answer!

February 5th Drawing Proof:

I hope that you are interested!

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