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Bostte - Distributed Energy Trading Platform
Author Topic: Bostte - Distributed Energy Trading Platform  (Read 49 times)
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Apr 18, 2021 12:36 PM

Distributed Energy Trading Platform

Bostte Distributed Green Energy Trading Platform is a networkthat allows consumers to sell energy to their peers in atrustless environment. It is a new component of thedistributed economy that allows consumers to realizethe value of their investment in Distributed EnergyResources by enabling them to monetize their excessenergy in much the same way as other resource sharingbusiness platforms which allow people to monetize, for instance their car spaces, office spaces, air plane spaces and spare rooms. Bostte Blockchain‐ enabled P2P energy trading platform will transform energy networks into trading platforms and invoke a blockchain economy that moves away from bilateral retail arrangements to multi‐lateral trading ecosystems, preserving networks’ relevance to consumers. This will be achievable over the trustless blockchain platform.

Website: http://bostte.site/
Buy From : https://mercatox.com/exchange/BOST/ETH
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