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AD-DOGE -PTC/GPT/CPA + FAUCET + 10 Doge Voucher
Author Topic: AD-DOGE -PTC/GPT/CPA + FAUCET + 10 Doge Voucher  (Read 1101 times)
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May 10, 2020 03:34 pm

Claim up to 500 DOGE every 60 minutes!
Get paid to view ads, surf ads , complete offers, shortlinks, youtube, facebook, twitter earnings Advertise your website with real crypto traffic! Cheap&Effective Advertisments!


How to earn on Ad-Doge

CPA/GPT OFFERS - Earn from 0.5 Doge per action/task.
PTC (paid to click) - Earn min: 0.2 doge/click up to 0.7 doge/click) + points
ShortLinks - Earn 0.2 per shortlinks completed
Faucet - Earn from 0.1 Doge to 500 doge every 60 minutes

Traffic Exchange - Earn from 0.1 Doge Traffic to 0.9 Doge Traffic per surfed website.
Offerwals - Available Offerwalls: OfferTorro, Wannaads, ClixWall, AdWorkMedia
View video - Earn from 0.033 per video video
Traffic Grid 
Referral Back
Paid to promote - CPM (1000) - 50 doge
Fair Dice game 
Facebook Likes - Earn from 0.5 Doge to 0.7 Doge by liking fanpages or posts.
Twitter Follow - Earn from 0.4 Doge to 0.6 Doge by following twitter pages/accounts.
Youtube Subscribe - Earn 1 doge for every YouTube channel that you subscribe
Youtube View - Earn from 0.2 Doge to 0.4 Doge to watch youtube videos
Contests (Referral,PTC) - up to 100000 doge prize
Jackpots (lottery) 
Upgrade membership - Free | Upgraded | Premium
PTC Referral Commission: 10% (all memberships)
Referrals Commissions ( 1%-5%-10%)
Withdraw limit: 50 doge (for free) , 25 doge (dor upgraded), 5 doge (premium)
Instant payment with FaucetPay and manual with other doge wallets!
AD-DOGE.COM don`t offers adpack.revenue shares etc. Ad-Doge.com offers ONLY earnings/advertising.

How to advertise with ad-doge.com?

Banners (728x90 ||468x60 ||300x250)
PTC (from 50 doge) 
Login ads -
Facebook Page
Twitter Page
Youtube Channel
Youtube Video
Traffic Exchange
Traffic Grid
Paid to promote
Text ads
Join now and get a 10 doge voucher! This voucher can be added in purchase balance for advertise!
Voucher: 77E3D22C21ECFAF
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