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New amazing Smart Contract project!
Author Topic: New amazing Smart Contract project!  (Read 78 times)
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Mar 29, 2020 11:06 PM


► Invest one time only 0.08 ETH ( $10 ) Build your Team and Earn 3500 ETH  every 64 Days. ( Fully automated System)

The smart contract Doubleway is part of the blockchain. This contract cannot be changed or removed from the blockchain. It's very reliable. More reliable than a Swiss Bank. Scam is impossible!
Start in the leadership team and invite 2 people. The minimum start is only 0.08 Ethereum, which is $10 USD.
Create your eternal engine of prosperity! You can earn 3500 Ethereum and repeat this income every 2 month with the same team! You’re able to earn up to 3500 ETH every 64 days!!
Copy and Paste this below link in your Trust Wallet (DApps Section) and buy 1st level. It costs you only 0.08 ETH ($10 USD).

► Join Here ( DAPP ) --

► How to Join :--

STEP 1 - First install trust wallet in your mobile.--
Or install MetaMask wallet on your PC

STEP 2 - go to Trust Wallet (DApps Section).

STEP 3 - Copy and Paste this link (   https://doubleway.io/?rid=65533) in search Trust Wallet DApps Section.

STEP 4 - Choose your favorite language and then click on "Sign up per 1 click" option.
(If system says "you came without referral link..." then just input 65533 as your upline ID)

STEP 5 -  click on "sign up per 1 click" option

STEP 6 - Then buy 1st level. It costs you only 0.08 ETH.

Welcome To DoubleWay

More info visit "how it works" section on website:
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