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Earn up to 50c CPM from banners & Bot protection
Author Topic: Earn up to 50c CPM from banners & Bot protection  (Read 742 times)
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Mar 12, 2020 05:43 AM

Earn up to $0.50 CPM with Adzbux Widgets.

Just like a banner network we will pay you to display our banners, Protection notice or direct linking.

Earn up to $0.50 CPM or more depending on the quality of your traffic, we allow only 1 banner per page. Placing the banner on a homepage will give more hits but a lower CPM if you have a protected Members area you will get less visits but more chance of these views being better quality so it may result in a higher CPM. We allow you to place the Widgets on any page, any website and any position. Here are a few sites it is already installed on, you can see it doesnt affect page loading time. Making it an non intrusive way to earn from your daily traffic.

My level is level 1 (Starter level) and i make around $0.05 CPM from these banner placements. (My level maxes out at 10c CPM)

Protection Notice:
Get your site protected from Bots, VPN, Hackers and more using Adzbux Security Protection. We have a massive database always being updated with new Proxy/VPN I.P's, Bot Member Fingerprints and Our own branded A.I to find cheaters and deny them access from any page. The basic Subscription for this costs just $4.99/Month. Even if this stops 5 cheating members per week from cashing out and your minimum is $3 you already saved $15. $10 profit instantly! Plus we pay you to keep the protection notice on your site toi warn others and show you are serious about stopping cheaters.

Direct Linking:
1 Link to share on PTC sites, traffic exchanges and more. place the direct link on protected sites to improve your CPM rate, if you flood it with tons of fake visits the CPM rate will drop like a stone and you will not earn anything. We only want real visits, real passthrough or real interest.

Our Traffic Source Ranking:
We rank websites all over the internet in terms of quality for Advertisers. As we know some site owners let bots/cheaters run riot throughout their website and only stop payment at the end. This is stealing from Advertisers who expect quality visits to their PTC links. You can make it easier to stop cheaters as soon as they login using Adzbux Bot Protection. Simply place some code on any page you want protected (footer/Members area) and we will divert all cheaters, VPN users, Botnets, and general cheater away from your site. Giving your advertisers the best return for their advertising. This will lead to more advertisers and more profits for you.
Anything above 85% is considered Excellent and top quality
Anything above 70% is considered Good if the price is right
Anything above 55% is considered Ok but better sites can be found
Anything below 55% is Not recommended.

Here is a list of the Top Site Owners who look after thier sites rated Excellent:
https://www.clixblue.com - 93% Rating
https://www.indexclix.com - 92%
https://www.adzseven.com    - 90%
https://www.offers4all.net   - 90%
https://www.scarlet-clicks.info - 90%

Here are the top 5 bad sites that steal from Advertisers by allowing bots to roam free:
https://www.sltads.com - 37%
https://www.litecoinads.com - 54%
https://www.adbtc.top - 57%
https://addoge.cc - 74%

Source: Adzbux A.I Network. https://www.adzbux.com/ptp-stats.php

Join Adzbux today and start earning from your website!
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