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Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Advances Overall Rating for Bitcoin
Author Topic: Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Advances Overall Rating for Bitcoin  (Read 310 times)
Alexane Johnson
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Feb 10, 2020 02:12 am

Weiss Crypto Ratings, the world's only financial rating agency which grades cryptocurrencies, upgraded the overall rating of Bitcoin to "A-" i.e. excellent.

What Does Upgraded Rating Hold?

Weiss Crypto Rating which initiated rating crypto assets from January 24, 2018, aims at providing an overall rating for each cryptocurrency based on an "Invest Risk/Reward" and "Technology/Adoption" grade.

#Bitcoin upgrade: The Weiss Crypto Rating for #BTC is now A- (excellent), thanks to improving fundamentals and positive price action ahead of Bitcoin's next halving.https://weisscrypto.com/en/crypto/btc/summary

The Bitcoin's overall ratings "A-" is due to the fundamental improvements and expectations of positive effects of Bitcoin Halving event owing in May 2020. The analysts predicted that Bitcoin price would hike all-time high due to halving event. Juan M. Villaverde, the economist and mathematician, explained that crypto is in the initial stage of the bullish market and is in a geared stage. As per the Weiss Ratings, the crypto land is noticing the fireworks, which are the clear sign of the boosted confidence of traders and investors.

Overall Ratings Of Weiss

The rating given by Weiss Crypto Ratings is grounded on a sophisticated algorithm which is a balanced overview of several factors. The overall rating can facilitate the investors for making the choices in the crypto market.

Besides the overall rating," Investment Risk/Reward Rating" reflects the price volatility and magnitude, which can either result in profit or loss depending upon the market. This tool can be termed as an essential tool for short term trading.

Technology/Adoption Rating is also one of the parts of overall ratings. The component of Technology examines the factors of software capability, while Adoption considers the performance of the actual real world. Both these components can aid in long term investing.

Thus, the combined rating of the particular cryptocurrency can smoothen the process for investors both for short and long term trading.

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