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Craig Wright Says Bounded Courier's Conversation Cannot Be Disclosed
Author Topic: Craig Wright Says Bounded Courier's Conversation Cannot Be Disclosed  (Read 136 times)
Alexane Johnson
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Feb 04, 2020 01:37 AM

Craig Wright and controversies go hand-in-hand and the same has come true for the ongoing lawsuit filed against him by the brother of his former associate Dave Klieman. The lawsuit which has been going on for over a year might stretch a little longer as Wright has made another U-Turn on his claims about the infamous 'bounded courier,' who was supposed to submit all the details of the accounts containing Bitcoin and allegedly the keys to those wallets as well. Wright asked the judge to give him time till the end of January to submit all the details. However, now Wright is claiming that the bounded courier is an attorney and thus he cannot reveal the conversation he had with him.

The bounded courier was allegedly bringing 11,000 documents which were supposed to prove Wright was indeed the creator of Bitcoin, however, Wright now claims that those documents fall under attorney-client privilege and involves multiple other firms because of which he cannot reveal the details. The court has asked him to submit at least a few of the documents to prove his claims.

The Infamous Sage of Bounded Courier

During the last hearing of the lawsuit, Wright had claimed that a-bounded courier from the Tulip Trust will arrive with the private keys by the end of January. However, now he has gone back on his claims again saying that the infamous courier is also an attorney and thus he cannot reveal any information shared with him by the courier because of the attorney-client privilege.

The recent pump of BSV over 300% in a couple of days was also attributed to Wright's claims but was later debunked to be a case of pump and dump. While those who have known Wright were pretty sure that he will never produce the keys since he is a well-known bluff master who has been making similar claims for years and not even once came close to proving that he is the real creator of Bitcoin.

The prolonged lawsuit might extend even further and Wright might find himself in more trouble because of his absurd claims which he cannot back. The court has already ordered him to compensate the legal fee for the Klieman estate and given his fraudulent nature the final judgement could be a lesson for him.

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