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My First affiliate-site: Sengeguruen.dk
Author Topic: My First affiliate-site: Sengeguruen.dk  (Read 168 times)
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Nov 18, 2019 11:43 AM

Hello everybody - I'm new on this forum!

So, after 4 years of working as a Junior SEO, then SEO specialist, now Head of SEO I decided to go for my own projects. So, while I have been working on my own site in my sparetime for around 5-6 months, in January I will go part-time... And start dedicating around half of my time to my own projects.

Right now, I am working on https://sengeguruen.dk/. it's a danish site about products for the bedroom. It is still very simple and rough, but I do believe the content is good, and and have started to gain som traction from SEO (my main channel, given my experience here). It still lacks the affiliate links as I have focused solely on the traffic, while working my full-time job.

I am super excited that I will be able to free up some time to work on my own projects next year. My next project, I believe would be another website about beds - but built more like a comparison site, that pulls products from my partners and adds filtering options. Do you know any good Wordpress themes, you would recommend for this functionality?
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