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How does a Slot Game work?
Author Topic: How does a Slot Game work?  (Read 91 times)
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Oct 29, 2019 07:01 AM

  • A Slot game works on the basis of Random Number Generation (RNG).
    The RNG system determines the symbols that will be displayed on every reel.
    It triggers a distinct set of symbols for every turn. The main window shows multiple columns that contain symbols.
    Every spin is entirely independent of the preceding spin.
    The independency is because the RNG system utilizes completely new symbols in every reel, although it seems to form a pattern.
    Before starting the game, the player chooses the amount he/she wants to bet and then starts the slot machine.
    The players’ credit is deducted with the bet amount every time the slot machine is played.
    If the player’s spin results in a line up of symbols in a row, he/she wins and the bet amount is credited to him/her.
    The RNG system can also be integrated for other casino games that work on this principle.

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