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Highest Paying URL shortener 2019
Question: Highest paying URL shortener 2019
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Oct 18, 2019 02:55 PM

 is one of the top 3 URL shortener Over the world . And This is a trustworthy site and they pay you right and on time.  STEPS to be followed for this is :

    ✅Sign up to the ouo.io
   ✅Then shorten your URL
   ✅Put that URL to your website , social networking sites or blog.

It has a very high cost per mille rate (i.e CPM).  Near about $15 for one thousand views. If you refer then you will be earning 20% through this whole referral system. Once you reach $3 then you can withdraw this amount. So its minimum payout is way too minimum and this is a popular site for its best referral commission.

Sign up here : http://ouo.io/ref/xwOr1rOa
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