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Coinbase wallet adding Dogecoin was a surprise to me
Author Topic: Coinbase wallet adding Dogecoin was a surprise to me  (Read 145 times)
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May 10, 2019 02:51 AM

Taking the Meme culture to another level, Billy Markus & Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin, a Litecoin Hardfork, designed to be approachable and less complicated cryptocurrency. The joke coin turned out to be a massive hit since its inception.

A massive online community has grown over the years with many loyal fans. The community has done incredible things with Dogecoin, ranging from using cryptocurrency to raise money for the Jamaican bobsleigh team to go to the Sochi Winter Olympics to fund a construction project. Dogecoin used to incentivize content contributors; Users tip other users for publications or contributions based on the quality and quantity of the content.

The journey of Dogecoin has always been surprising,  The cryptocurrency based on Japanese meme Doge Shibu and mockingly said to be created by  “Shibutoshi Nakamoto” a fun version of Bitcoin, which was never created with the purpose to grow this high and is one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the world. The subreddit of Dogecoin having 133k subscribers, the success of Dogecoin is high because of its dedicated community.

 Recently, dogecoin secured has been added to coinbase Wallet, Talking about the Listing, Ross Nicoll, Lead developer of dogecoin commented:

“Coinbase wallet adding Dogecoin was a surprise to me, certainly.  One of the fun parts of working in a decentralized project is sometimes others just grab a task and run with it, though, so I can’t swear no one external was involved.”

“We’ve long hoped Coinbase would adopt Dogecoin, and I hope our enthusiasm contributed to the decision. Given the timing, I suspect a combination of the recent attention from Elon Musk, and the release of a 1.14 release candidate have helped. Probably some combination of all three.”

Meanwhile, Maximilian Keller, Another developer of Dogecoin said

“We did try to get in contact with [Coinbase], but not very seriously,” he said. “But integration into their wallet, that just happened out of the blue, pretty much.”

The developers of the project believe in the future of dogecoin, and Dogecoin has proved itself to be far more than just an Altcoin, it’s a useful cryptocurrency.

On asking whether Dogecoin could eventually replace the US dollar as a global reserve currency, the founders said:

“That’s not something that we can do much about as developers,” said Keller. He went on to add that there is still hope for Dogecoin that could let it become useful as an alternative currency. “Because Dogecoin has this utility as being actually used as a currency, a lot of stores list Dogecoin and exchanges list it.”

Dogecoin (DOGE) price for today is $0.00258492 with a 24-hour trading volume of $80,116,710. Price is up 2.4% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 119 Billion coins. The most active exchange that is trading Dogecoin is FEX.

Following the market’s Bullish trend, dogecoin price has surged by 2.4%, it is yet to see what will happen in future, will Dogecoin get the top 25th rank back or will Hold the position at top 30.

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Reply #1: May 10, 2019 10:41 AM

Doge has been dropping from 56 sats to 39 sats in last few weeks.

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Reply #2: May 15, 2019 05:47 PM

Coinbase adding these options is not a surprise for me, as they want to ensure they remain on top position and the only way this happens is when they allow users the option to use more options.

They made this mistake of sticking with just few earlier, and that made exchanges like Binance take better position. But finally Coinbase is making the move to correct it, and it’s not too late. Anyhow, we must at the end of the day pick the Best Crypto Exchange based on the service not how many options that are there.
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