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AdCaptchas.com - get captcha security and revenue for your website
Author Topic: AdCaptchas.com - get captcha security and revenue for your website  (Read 238 times)
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Feb 09, 2019 02:36 PM

AdCaptchas.com - get captcha security and revenue for your website

What is AdCaptchas?
AdCaptchas is a free captcha tool service that protect your website from spam and abuse. AdCaptcha use an advanced tool analysis software based on easy understand and fast loading for users who keep away spam, bots and other abuse from your website.

What is our mission?
Together we can build a new whole security world for all of us where we remove bots and spasm for a better experience and share the revenue together.
AdCaptchas is more than security captcha tool, AdCaptchas is an smart advertising captcha tool who connect advertisers and websites owners where offer advertising solutions for advertisers and security captcha solutions for webmasters.

For Websites Owners:
- security captcha against spam and abuse
- CPM model revenue
- guaranteed minimum $0.10 CPM
- get paid per captcha solved
- count daily unique captchas solved
- minimum cashout $10 via PayPal and $1 via FaucetHub.io

For Advertisers:
- CPM model advertising
- minimum CPM value of $0.10
- guaranteed minimum 6 seconds of display your website/product
- minimum deposit $1 via PayPal, BTC

Test AdCaptchas box
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Due to redirections you captcha is getting unsolved.

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