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Freelancertohire.com(World's best freelance online marketplace)
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Author Topic: Freelancertohire.com(World's best freelance online marketplace)  (Read 206 times)
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Nov 24, 2018 01:02 AM

Hire Freelancers in India & Find Freelance Jobs Online  Freelancertohire

Overview of  Freelancertohire
“freelancertohire.com”   is an online marketplace which gives a platform associating sellers/freelancers and purchasers/Employers under one roof globally . Sellers can offer their professional  services  like website designing, content writing,  translation, marketing and advertising ,website promotion , virtual assistant etc...
We connect freelancers and purchasers with each other  from  around the globe. Our point is to assemble a stage which grandstands each conceivable range of abilities of freelancers so they can exhibit them to the purchasers. Doing as such will give answers for purchasers jobs/projects  and the freelancers can procure for themselves.
“freelancertohire.com” was begun up with the vision to interface freelancers and Employers   adequately   from  around the globe on a straightforward and practical stage. Purchasers   will   find  and  choose  talented freelancers from around the world to complete their works with full satisfaction of their own choice.
Purchasers have to post projects on “freelancertohire.com”   with   a clear  idea of project details ,project cost  and work needed to be done. Freelancers will give  their  proposals  and  bids  after watching your post. Then  purchasers can browse proposals and profiles of freelancers and they can compare ,consult and negotiate with the freelancers .Purchasers can select and finalise the freelancer after completely confirmed and satisfied with the ability of the freelancer  and then award him/her the project.”freelancertohire.com” holds the funds purchasers pay to freelancers in “Secure deposit service” and pays to freelancer after the completion of work and approved by purchaser after deducting our service charges as per our service charges given in the website “fees and charges”.

Purchaser / Employer Make profiles, post jobs, look for freelancers, speak and negotiate with freelancer, , grant jobs to Sellers, oversee jobs, leave valuable feedback  for freelancers, and pay freelancers


Seller/freelancer Make profiles, publicize abilities, submit price quotes, consult with user, acquire  job grants, give invoice to user , get criticism from user, and get paid from employer(purchaser).

When employer post projects .He /she should clearly mention the complete idea of the requirements and work needed to be completed by the freelancer .So that freelancers can completely understand about job requirements. Then  freelancers will give their bids for the  project.It is the main duty of the employer to compare and choose the best freelancer and consult, negotiate with the best fitted freelancer  who can complete his /her job perfectly and then award him/her the project.


When employer awards  the project to the freelancer. Employer has to deposit  fund of the project to the “freelancertohire secure deposite service”. FREELANCERTOHIRE  holds the funds you pay to the Freelancers in “Secure Deposit” until the work is completed & approved by the employer. Then  we release the fund to the freelancer after deducting our  service charges and all other charges  as per  the “terms and conditions “ of the “freelancrtohire.com”
For purchasers /  Employers
 Purchaser is allowed to join, post a job, get offers from sellers, look into the seller’s portfolio and talk about the job necessities free. In the event that you grant the job to the freelancer, and   acknowledges,” freelancertohire.com” charge you a little job expense in respect to the estimation of the chose offer, as a service charge from the job amount finalised between purchaser and seller.
For fixed project/job, “freelancertohire.com” charge of 3% of total project cost  is deducted at the time a job that has been granted by you has been acknowledged by every seller/freelancer you grant. On the off chance that you thusly pay the seller/freelancer more than the first offer sum we will likewise charge the job amount on any overage  payments
For hourly jobs, “freelancertohire.com” charge of 3%  is imposed on every   payment that you make to the freelancer/seller.
“ freelancertohire.com”.com  charges purchaser a   processing fee of  payment   (charged by third party payment processors) on deposit of each funds for the services  as follows  .

 Payment method type   Deposite
Currency type   Fee
PayPal(International)   USD   As applicable
Credit/Debit Cards / Netbanking(INDIA)   INR   As applicable
Bank transfer in india   INR   No charge
Credit Cards (International)   USD   As applicable
•   “freelancertohire.com” charges the following additional  fees from User/Employers looking to post a project if use additional services



FeeFeatured   INR   500
Full-Time   INR   500
Private   INR   500
Urgent         INR      500
Sealed         INR      500

Freelancers/purchaser Fees
•   “freelancertohire.com” charges Freelancer/purchaser a Service Fee of 10% on all invoices of total project cost.(both in fixed projects and hourly projects)
•   Withdrawal Fees
•   •withdrawal Fees might be alternatively required relying upon the technique for withdrawal. Extra charges might be imposed by the third party payment processor  offering the withdrawal method.
Withdrawal Currency type   Withdrawal Method
Type   Fee
INR   Bank Transfer in India   No charge
USD   Paypal
internaional   Paypal Fee
USD   Payoneer Bank Transfer
international   Payoneer Fee
USD   Payoneer Account
international   Payoneer Fee
USD   International Bank Transfer   As applicable

*When the User recieves funds in his Bank account, their Financial Institutions may force a cash conversion charge in the event that they are pulling back cash in their nearby money, which ought to be borne by the User.
*Charges paid for additional items like "featured", "urgent", "sealed", "Fulltime" and  “private”so forth are NON REFUNDABLE charges and they won't be refunded to the user under any conditions.
* In case of withdrawls in USD there might be currency conversion fee depending on the current currency conversion rates.
. * Project Refunds in the event that when an undertaking is discounted following 30 days from the date of job  granted with common assent of both 'Seller' and 'purchaser', “freelancertohire.com” will charge an expense of $100 or 5% of aggregate job an incentive to the 'user'. Likewise the 'Seller' makes a danger of their record being suspended for all time.

The arbitration fee for a milestone dispute is 5%, of total project cost  will be paid to “freelancertohire.com”
Our dispute resolution system want  both parties to resolve issues regarding milestone payments amongst themselves without mediation.
After 5 days of a dispute being filed (or 10 days if the dispute is filed by the freelancer) either party may elect to move the dispute to paid mediation. The other party will then have a further 5 days to agree to pay this fee and for both parties to submit any final proof/evidence. If the other party fails to pay within time, they will lose the dispute.
The arbitration  fee will then be refunded to the winner of the dispute.

•   Android Developers
•   Virtual Assistants
•   iOS Developers
•   PHP Developers
•   Graphic Designers
•   Sales Consultants
•   SEO Experts
•   Web Designers
•   Web Developers
•   UI Designers
•   Freelance Translators
•   Social Media Consultants
•   Python Developers
•   Freelance Artists
•   API Developers
•   Freelance Copywriters
•   Marketing Consultants
•   Mobile App Developers
•   Logo Designers
•   Freelance Illustrators
•   Freelance Editors
•   Freelance Accountants
•   Excel Experts
•   Freelance Video Editors
•   Content Writers
•   JavaScript Developers
•   Software Developers
•   Data Entry Specialists
•   Project Managers
•   UX Designers
•   Angular Developers
•   C# Developers
•   WordPress Developers
•   Interior Designers
•   Freelance Bloggers
•   Recruiters
•   Freelance Engineers
•   Freelance Architects
•   Freelance Animators
•   Freelance Writers
•   Proofreaders
•   Freelance Bookkeepers
•   MySQL Developers
•   HTML Developers
•   Photoshop Experts
•   Facebook Experts
•   Email Marketing Consultants
•   SQL Experts
•   Freelance Java Developers
•   Freelance Customer Service
•   jQuery Developers
•   Freelance 3D Designers
•   Lead Generation Experts
•   HTML5 Developers
..NET Programmers
Android Programmers
ASP.NET Programmers
C Programmers

C# Programmers
C++ Programmers
CakePHP Programmers
CodeIgniter Programmers

Computer Graphics Programmers
Database Programmers
Drupal Programmers
Game Programming Programmers

HTML Programmers
iPhone Programmers
Java Programmers
JavaScript Programmers

Joomla Programmers
Magento Programmers
MySQL Programmers
Unix Programmers

Visual Basic Programmers
WordPress Programmers
3d Designers
After Effects Designers

Animation Designers
Audio Editing Designers
Coreldraw Designers
Cover Design Designers

Dreamweaver Designers
Illustrator Designers
Photoshop Designers
Video Editing Designers

Academic Writing
Article Writing
Content Writing
Fiction Writing

Financial Writing
Legal Writing
Proposal Writing
Report Writing

Script Writing
Technical Writing
Data Entry
HR & Payroll

Direct Marketing
Email Marketing

Freelance Marketing
Internet Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Order Processing
Technical Support
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable

Business Analysis
Financial Reporting

•   Other skills

Sales & Marketing
vistit our website: http://freelancertothire.com

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