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You Donít Get to Choose the Timeline for Success
Author Topic: You Donít Get to Choose the Timeline for Success  (Read 165 times)
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Apr 27, 2018 05:53 AM

You Donít Get to Choose the Timeline for Success

We live in a society where people expect instant gratification.  We want it and we want it now.  As a result, most people are impatient and expect things given to them instantly.

When it comes to network marketing we are told it is a three to five-year plan.  That is assuming you are ALL IN and contacting lots of new prospects each day.

Two to five years to change your life and potentially become financially free is a great deal.  Remember, the time will go by anyway, whether you build the business or not.

Itís not a three-month plan or a three-week plan or three-day plan.  THREEÖTOÖ FIVEÖYEARS.  I see so many folks order once or twice and then give up because they arenít making money.

No legitimate business works that way.  You have to lay the foundation, which normally takes a couple years.  Most business owners take a COUPLE YEARS just to get profitable.  The real beauty of our industry is that you can, and should be profitable from your first month.

Remember, it takes time to build anything worthwhile.  It took you at least four years to graduate college and probably took you at least a year or two to really win the love of your current spouse.  Why would you expect to be making tons of money in a new business venture within a few months, even a year or two?

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Rick Brier
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