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Tronrewards.net - 1.5% daily income - 300% ROI
Author Topic: Tronrewards.net - 1.5% daily income - 300% ROI  (Read 140 times)
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Nov 03, 2020 06:25 AM

Smart Contract: https://tronscan.org/#/address/TCzQQHCUQYeczZXjgR6BhTGXFf9qBAHxj2

DAPP LINK: https://tronrewards.net/

TRONREWARDS is 100% decentralized and a community-based project; Meaning there are no guarantee nor additional profits made in the system, all that you receive from TRONREWARDS is based upon your own and the community efforts as this is a P2P support model where you support others and others support you.

TRONREWARDS can be viewed as a decentralized “third party” which insures fairness, transparency and justice for all according to the algorithm code.

300% is returned in 4 ways (1 passive and 3 via marketing) when 300% is accumulated through any of the 4 ways, a new deposit must be made equal or greater to continue receiving from the fund.

1.5% Daily return on your Deposit (maximum 200 days) 100% Passive.
7% Direct Referral Commission for Sharing and Growing the Community Fund.
Matching Commission on Partners Daily Income every time they make a withdrawal

1st generation 20%
2nd generation 10%
3rd generation 7%
4th generation 7%
5th generation 7%
6th generation 7%
7th generation 7%
8th generation 5%
9th generation 5%
10th generation 5%
11th generation 5%
12th generation 5%
13th generation 3%
14th generation 3%
15th generation 3%
1 new level is activated for each direct partner, maximum 15 levels, see below

Daily Top Referrer Pool 5%, of ALL Deposits set aside in pool, every 24 hour 10% of the pool is shared among top 4 sponsors in volume

Minimum and maximum cycle limits:

1st cycle, minimum deposit 100 TRX, up to 1 Lakh TRX.
2nd cycle, equal or greater than previous deposit, up to 3 Lakh TRX.
3rd cycle, equal or greater than previous deposit, up to 9 Lakh TRX.
4th cycle and beyond, equal or greater than previous deposit, up to 20 Lakh TRX.

*Tronrewards is a community-based project, 100% decentralized, P2P transactions through Smart Contract.
*Each Deposit Cycle is 300%.
*When 300% is received, a new deposit must be made to continue earning / receiving from any of the 4 ways.
*Minimum entry is 100 TRX open to all participants, no restrictions.
*No referrals required in order to receive. 1% pays out daily to all members, 100% passive.
*Increase the speed of your returns by growing the community fund through marketing / sharing of Tronrewards.

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