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New Make Money Game LEGIT
Author Topic: New Make Money Game LEGIT  (Read 11 times)
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Yesterday at 12:34 PM

Golden-farm.biz is a fun game!
Sign up here! http://bit.ly/2WVE0bM
I know every one of you already know how to play this game and make money from it.
But like to explain it to the people who just saying > golden-farm.biz is a scam or something that before you say that, try to play it and do some research! Then you will know that golden-farm.biz is 100% not a scam!!!

For the people who are desperate to make money online, it is a good source of income! I don't trust it at first, but after playing for awhile, earn some income through it. I am hoping to earn more incomes through it. I earn 750 silver through my 3 referrals. I hope to gain more referrals and earn more income.

I only replenish 10rubs to unlock my account! I am relying on my birds and my referrals. I keep on buying birds with my silver! I hope to gain as many birds as possible!

OK. I will explain how this works.

First you need to sign up under me!
Sign up here! http://bit.ly/2WVE0bM

AFTER you signup, your account will have 300 silver coins for buying birds!
Each bird is different!
And you also have a daily bonus, that you can claim everyday! Claim your daily bonus everyday, to get more silver for buying birds!

1.Each bird can lay eggs per hour

2. Collect and selling your eggs

3. Try to collect referrals like the way I do. Referrals bring you 250 silvers each.

The income is unlimited. Even several invited people can bring you more than 100 000 silver coins.
Gold is credited for:
1. your own account!!! replenishment you?re credited with the gold of 40% of the replenish sum.
2) 10% of every replenishment of the account by a referral of the 2d level
3) 5% of every replenishment of the account by a referral of the 3d level
4) 5% of every replenishment of the account by a referral of the 4th level

Sign up today! http://bit.ly/2WVE0bM
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