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VPN Protection and Earn from your website
Author Topic: VPN Protection and Earn from your website  (Read 682 times)
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Jul 24, 2020 02:00 am

Adzbux have finally introduced Widgets for everyone. These have been in beta testing for 3 months now and we can finally bring you the first generation of Site Protection and Extra income from your site.

Adzbux Protection Widget
Add this to your site and block all VPN/Bot/Proxy/Spambot and a few other nasty I.Ps of known cheaters and hackers. This will keep your site clean of cheaters, fraud and spam. By blocking these members you will also be paying only real users on your site and your advertisers will only get visits from real members. Giving you a better reputation, more advertisers and more profit. All for just $4.99 per month.
We suggest placing the widget on your register & login pages also place it in your members account page for ultimate security. You can also refer to your I.P logs when making payouts to make sure none of the bad I.P's made it to withdraw.

If you stop 10 members per day, each requesting $2 in 1 month you would have saved yourself $600 in just 1 month, some of our subscribers have saved over $2,000 in their first month, and continue to save and stop hundreds of dollars of lost revenue to cheaters every month. Get your Widget and subscription and start saving today.

Adzbux Paid Widget
We have a very simple, non intrusive banner widget you can place on any page of your website and earn from users who visit. We dont suggest placing it on your homepage, this is for quality placement only. For every bad visit (VPN/Proxy e.t.c) your rate will decrease slightly, for every good visit your rate will increase slightly. So the more quality visits you send the higher your earning rate will go. If useing this on members only pages along with our Widget you will see your earnings increase day by day as you only have quality, real members on your website.

Some members are earning over $5 per day ith just 30,000 visits. Why not get your widget and start earning today?

You can find all this and more on Adzbux: https://www.adzbux.com
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