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Transclique - transclique.com
Author Topic: Transclique - transclique.com  (Read 459 times)
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Jan 17, 2018 01:15 pm


Today, we are launching our project Transclique. My name Kevin from Canada, the main Admin of Transclique.

Transclique is a great incentive platform to make extra money by clicking ads and referring others.

Members who register during our first 1 week would receive a free VIP membership worth $15.

Deposit Bonus: As a part of our launch promo, we would be having a 50% deposit bonus subject to a minimum of $10 deposit for the first 3 days only.

We would also be announcing our first referral contest too.

Our Referral Contest will start Jan 18,2018   and will end Feb 18,2018.

There will be 10 places to be awarded. Listed are the following awards.

So, here are the prizes available:

1st : $100
2nd : $75
3rd : $50
4th : $25
5th : $15
6th : $10
7th : $5
8th : $3
9th : $2
10th: $1


Also we are very exciting to announce you about Paid To Review.
Just write and share your reviews to earn cash!
We reward higher rewards for higher quality reviews,
So make sure to create epic content for higher rewards.
For best results use titles such as 'Transclique Review' 'Transclique Pays' 'Transclique Legit' 'Transclique Trusted'.
Don`t forget to add your referral link to get extra direct referrals.

Rules :

1 review per website per Transclique Account. If you make some similar reviews on the same website we will not count them. So, If you want to earn more money, you can Make different review about Transclique.

For Example :

You have a youtube account and already review about Transclique and got your bonus.
But If you make another review with different content (not Re-Uploaded videos) after we've checked them and the content approved by our team. you can got your other bonuses.

Below is a list of sites that you can SHARE and EARN!

A warm welcome to all members and enjoy clicking and happy earnings

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