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Want Superfast conversions?
Author Topic: Want Superfast conversions?  (Read 279 times)
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Dec 24, 2017 05:41 AM

I just signed up for this site and going through their traing. Which is way better than type of paid trainging.

It's free to join, they pay $10 per signup.


If you have a simliar offer Let me know.


Quick tutorial

In case you are wondering why I use bit.ly, its not because I'm trying to hide the link. Its simply because I can attach keywords to the link. 

If you're interested, in the other tools I use which are all free, On chrome, install the keywords everywhere plugin, get the API in your email,

Then on the options page, make sure everything thing is checked, and make sure to enable highliting for your goal.

After you get it set up.

Go to Soolve.com Then just type terms, and which ever is highlighted green, those are the keywords to use for your bitly url.



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