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BOARD RULES - Last Update July 27, 2014
Author Topic: BOARD RULES - Last Update July 27, 2014  (Read 31170 times)
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Oct 18, 2011 04:31 pm

  • All General Forum Rules apply here
  • No referral links
  • No duplicate topics
  • The site must be paying and stable.
  • Bumping is allowed but after 24 hours of the last post. Keep in mind you can't bump if anyone have a reply in last 24 hours.
  • EMS does not allow direct links to adult content but we do allow websites with adult ads as long as you state in your site thread that it has adult content.

1. A site must be online and paying for at least 6 months before PM'ing me and applying to have your site posted or moved to stable section. If a site is posted in the stable section that I do not agree with it will be moved from the stable section.

2. Free members MUST be able to cashout their earnings in a timely manner without having to spend any money on the website. Hence a "Get Paid To" Website.

3. It is solely up to me (admin Northowl) to judge what sites do or do not qualify for this board.

I will update these rules as I see fit.
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