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A way to keep us all happy
Author Topic: A way to keep us all happy  (Read 83 times)
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Feb 23, 2020 02:27 PM

Trading or buying referrals is like the blind leading the blind these days, i have a new idea.

As we all know referrals are key to making money on all fo these earning sites, but where is the FREE money, well its within the site itself.

When i join any site i do it as a referral, why ? because it costs me nothing to earn someone else a percentage of my earnings, and who pays this percentage,...... the site itself.

To cut a long story short, i have many referrals on many sites but earn zero from 99% of them.

What if we were to develop a system where there was a controlled payment for everyone who either joined as a refferal, or was looking for refferals.
The answer to keeping us all working on the sites we have joined might be an incentive for doing so.

What im saying is 50/50 split of all refferal earnings, that in essence are paid by the site itself and not out of our earnings.

So, say i join your site and you receive 10% of everything i earn, and in one month as youre refferal i earn you $5.00 by working hard, .... but then im getting a bit fed up with this site, and then check my paypal account and see that youve sent me $2.50, well now im not so fed up and consider carrying on, ........get the idea.

Being a refferal might seem as if you are only working to earn someone else money, but why, when it can be working together instead,

 I know if i knew of a system where i could join a site and earn a passive income for something i was going to do anyway i would definately prefer this idea.

Have a look and PM me youre take on thishttps://bjksteve.wixsite.com/roearning

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