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[INTERNATIONAL] Earn your first BTC!
Author Topic: [INTERNATIONAL] Earn your first BTC!  (Read 222 times)

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Apr 26, 2017 02:01 PM

These sites will not make you rich, but if you use all of them on a regular basis
the amount of satoshi will start to add up!
These sites/apps are available internationally so not only tier 1 countries!

So a while back I got into Bitcoin and I wanted to start trading. Now the golden rule with trading is "Trade only with the money you can afford to lose". So I decided not to invest money from my pocket but rather search for some methods to aquire some extra satoshi's.

So I soon stumbled across the bitcoin faucets. I tried them out for some time but they are not worth your time. The owners earn alot more on their adrevenue and you are grinding for just 0.20$. Faucets are a huge NO-GO zone.
The next site is 2Captcha.
2captcha is captcha entry site that pays you for simply making sure you're not a robot. The rates a rather low but it's available internationally and available you feel like earning some satoshi.
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