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Make 5$ downloading apps | GPT-PTP | 0.1$ Min Payout ! PTPKING.COM
Author Topic: Make 5$ downloading apps | GPT-PTP | 0.1$ Min Payout ! PTPKING.COM  (Read 423 times)
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Mar 05, 2017 10:45 am


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Today I am going to show you how to start earning real money.
PTPKING is a new GPT and PTP site, after reading this post you will be earning atleast 5$ per day !
PTPKING has a minimum payout of 0.1$ which is really low ! You can withdraw your money directly to your btc wallet (paypal will be added soon). Payments are made daily so need to worry !
We currently have 3 ways to start earning:

First of all go to www.ptpking.com and sign up, VERIFY your email .

First Method:  (Easiest) Mobile Method

Use your mobile
Go To  “Earn Money” Section on your user panel
Choose “Paid To Download Apps”
A list of apps will appear, make sure to choose your phone type (iOS or Android)
Click the app you chose and you will be redirected to the apple/android store
Download the App and open it and wait at least 30 seconds.
Close the App and navigate to your panel and you will see that money has been added to your balance
Warning: Do not download the same app twice because you wont rewarded

Second Method:

This method works both on mobile and desktop
Go To “Earn Money” Section on your user panel
Choose “Paid To Do Email Submits”
A list of offers will appear, choose any
Complete the email submit
When done your money will be automatically added to your balance

Third Method:

Go To "Paid to Promote"
Promote the link you get
Any use of jingling will result in an account ban
You are only allowed to promote on auto surf site.
Direct traffic is not allowed
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