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Buxclicks.net Review - Be Carefull !!
Author Topic: Buxclicks.net Review - Be Carefull !!  (Read 1091 times)
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Dec 30, 2016 10:30 am

Hi friend ;

My name is Odrik and I hate scammers. So I will write a review about Buxclicks.net . Follow me  Wink

Buxclicks.net and Rubyclicks.net Payment Processor Details

Buxclicks.net Paypal Processor Details

Buxclicks.net PerfectMoney Processor Details

Rubyclicks.net Paypal Processor Details

Rubyclicks.net PerfectMoney Processor Details

Buxclicks and Rubyclicks using different Paypal mail but using same PerfectMoney ID (U13746916)

Buxclicks.net and Rubyclicks.net Advertise Page

Buxclicks.net Advertise Page

Rubyclicks.net Advertise Page

Buxclicks and Rubyclicks have same advertise and will look advertise details . Follow  Wink

Buxclicks.net and Rubyclicks.net Advertise Details

Buxclicks.net Advertise Details

Rubyclicks.net Advertise Details

Hmmm  Undecided Same ref link username is " momipe1995 " .  Wink

Buxclicks.net and Heroclicks.net Whois Details

Heroclicks hmm  Shocked Look at Wink

Buxclicks.net Whois Details

Heroclicks.net Whois Details

Buxclicks and Heroclicks are using different address but same using registrant mail (heroclicks.net@gmail.com)

Heroclicks.net Site Details

Rubyclicks.net Address Details

Heroclicks.net Address Details

Ha ha ha  laugh Rubyclicks and Heroclicks are using same company address  Wink

Heroclicks.net Mail Details

Same mail with Rubyclicks .

Finally ;

Buxclicks.net and Rubyclicks.net have same admin . Admin name is Hugo Piter . Rubycliks stopped payments and scam site . So be carefull friends !!

And Heroclicks.net isnt ready . He will open Heroclicks soon . So you must know Heroclicks.net .

Rubyclicks, Buxclicks and Heroclicks is scam site . Dont invest friend  Wink  thumbs up

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