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Making-cents give away 2
Author Topic: Making-cents give away 2  (Read 600 times)
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Dec 28, 2009 12:01 pm

As you know it is still the time for giving here at making-cents. Therefore I am here with another offer and I hope that you will like it. If you purchase the advertising special labeled "Just clicking upgrade included with this purchase" It's give you 15% ref earnings instead of the normal 5%  I am going to let the next  Undecided 7 since it's my lucky number have it for 1/2 price.

On top of that, if you read [this topic] there is even more in store for you when you join. there is still 9 spots open over there. So if your not a member now would be a good time to give MC a test drive.

What will I get for a $3.50 purchase?

# Free one year upgrade to "just clicking"
# 1000 Link Credits ( $2 Value  )
# 2000 X-Credits ( $2 Value )
# 10000 F. Banner Credits ( $1 Value )
# 20000 Banner Credits ( $2 Value )

Edit: Just because I will also give the next 7 people a free one month F-link spot.

Plus like I stated the next 7 people will also get 10k extra banners hits. From the previous thread.

Extra special lol the 1st person to purchase it will get 70,000 extra banner hits
2nd person will get 60,000 extra banner hits
3rd person will get 50,000 extra banner hits
4th person will get 40,000 extra banner hits
5th person will get 30,000 extra banner hits
6th person will get 20,000 extra banner hits
7th person will get 10,000 extra banner hits.

If your interested please post about it here.

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