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#ADS the big new thing
Author Topic: #ADS the big new thing  (Read 1968 times)
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Mar 29, 2016 01:17 PM

Hello every body,
today I am going to speak about http://www.hash-ads.com let`s say it will be a full-honest review where we can discuss about #ADS`s advantages and disadvantages
Firstly, I am Mohamed Ali one of #ADS online customer care staff, all of #ADS team + "the owner" are from Egypt
#ADS is a website under the management of Mr.Mohamed Kamal "the only website he manages"

Let`s start with

#ADS Mission
We intend to provide our members with the services they deserve to get, a legit business project, a good source for online money makers , a job for these people who are jobless, student and/or Moms. on #ADS we are working around the clock to achieve our member goals as we say for more than +50 times we don't want your money to make you money.
#ADS Point Of View
From the end of 2014 and during 2015 many PTC websites came out to see the light for a very short period of time "not exceed the 3~6 months online" then they disappear like nothing .
So Mr.Mohamed decided to launch #ADS to prove that the PTC/GPT industry still has a good reputation, to prove that people can really make money through a PTC/GPT website without paying or getting scammed.

#ADS Earning ways
1- Clicking ads on normal PTC ads + Minutestaff ads + Ptc wall ads .
2- Completing offers and tasks like Offertoro, matomy, superrewards......
3- Watching videos on matomy + offertoro
4- Referring others as we have a special affiliate system .
5- Renting referrals as we rent you only real human clickers .

#ADS Affiliate System
On #ADS you will earn more from your direct referrals "if they are active" as we pay $0.001 per DR click "for standard member" and you still get commission on upgrades + completed offers and tasks + all purchases
All these commissions go along with 4 tiers "4 levels" so you will earn from your referrals with no limit

#ADS Rental System
On #ADS you can earn by renting some referrals and we are sure we rent you real human active clickers who click at least 4 clicks daily, most of our members don`t use recycle option because they don`t need it so when you rent some referrals on #ADS, almost you won`t need to spend hours managing them. " we pay $0.0015 ~ $0.002 per RR click "

#ADS Withdrawal
The minimum withdrawal is $2 by PayPal or Payza and $5 by Neteller
We pay every Saturday, Sunday and Monday almost instantly " maximum 2 hours late"

#ADS Points
On most sites you will find that every 1000~5000 points = $1 but on #ADS every 400 points = $1 and all your points are withdrawable with no limits

From the begin of our website and till now we have paid more than $15000 on " 112 days "

Finally you can ask me about anything related to #ADS and will be glad to answer
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Reply #1: Mar 29, 2016 10:50 PM

Good luck
you have to advertise the site  Wink

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Reply #2: May 20, 2016 09:10 AM

Join #ADS and start working online
You will have a different story  thumbs up
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