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need active referral for gptplanet
Author Topic: need active referral for gptplanet  (Read 393 times)
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Mar 16, 2016 02:19 pm

i want active ref for my


please send me list of your sites to choose one site..... thumbs up
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Reply #1: Mar 16, 2016 04:03 pm

I can join your site, I will be active every day and click anything you need me to!

My Sites:
SuperPay: http://superpay.me/members/withdraw/list.php?ref=makesomeextracsh There are not much clicks on SuperPay so I would need you to complete ONE SURVEY or ONE FREE OFFER per day. (You can complete as many as you like though)

GrandBux: http://www.grandbux.net/?ref=makesomeextracsh2016 Click all Adds' everyday.



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Reply #2: Apr 01, 2016 06:10 am

Please sign by my referral links i am entitled to atleast some commission for such sincere efforts and hard work that i am doing to give you all the best sites to make big money   Roll Eyes

These are my favourite sites and they are the best!!!(i have tried a lot of sites then i give you)  thumbs up   Wink

1st Site

This is a very good site to earn money online and that too without investing.
This is my favourite site among all bitcoin earning sites,
because this is 100% pure legit very popular high standard site,
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2nd Site

Join this popular site, this has been 100% pure legit site since
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3rd Site

Site: http://www.ajiboye.com/join/ajaya935 

In this site you can set up an affiliate account as it has high
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4th Site

Site: https://www.mytrafficvalue.com/ref/Ajay0000

This site is 100% pure legit site on internet which
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5th Site

hot program which has just launched fully legit site with great passive income opportunity!!!! don't wait to grab this chance!!!
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6th Site

best site among most popular, most demanding and most
legit(100% pure legit) free bitcoin earning site
without investing, best and most attractive also because there
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just keeping browser open with website also open and just
letting your bitcoins to build upto infinite level and you can
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there is NO need to do anything to earn bitcoins
a great site this is


7th Site

Site:  https://payeer.com/?partner=1410500   

This is a 100% pure legit very popular ecurrency site.
This has the best and most interesting features among all ecurrency sites.

8th Site

This is a new site just like that old freebitcoin.in site that i have mentioned above as the first site, this is also a great site and
more great is the fact that as it is newly launched so you have more opportunity to get most out of it by referrals or otherwise
All features are same as freebitcoin, it also has 50% referral commission

Link: http://free-ethereum.com/signupin/69974
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Reply #3: Apr 05, 2016 05:28 pm

 thumbs up

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