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Author Topic: URS Ultimate Revenue Share) A NEW REVENUE SHARE, ADVERTISING AND PTC SITE  (Read 738 times)
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Mar 02, 2016 08:44 am

Ultimate Revenue Share

How It All Works

Business Details
We are NOT an Investment, HYIP, MLM, Matrix, Cycler or Currency Exchange site.
We offer a powerful advertising platform for our members to promote their 3rd party businesses, programs or referral links.
As well as driving traffic to our members websites, they can also receive a share of our profits received from sales of our products, returning up to 135% per Media-pack purchased!
There are several E-books available for our members, 1 new E-book will be added every month.
Referral Program
At URS we share the profits for every product purchase with all members who have an active Media pack!
We provide a generous referral bonus for those members who promote their personal referral links and introduce new advertisers to our program.
They receive 10% referral commissions on ALL cash purchases by their Level 1 referrals (5% on purchases with repurchase balance) - And 2% on their Level 2 referrals (1% on purchases with repurchase balance).

Program Details
Media packs start from as little as $1 each. Revenue can only be shared when we receive sales, if we receive no sales then there will be eventually no revenue - simple mathematics.
Please note: All earnings are split 50/50, 50% of the earnings goes into your cash balance, the other 50% goes to your re-purchase balance to ensure ongoing income for all our members!

Our biggest tool to prevent URS from becoming non sustainable is the Profit booster™ should we reach the stage that earnings are becoming too slow, we will activate the Profit Booster™ (more info in our FAQ page)!
The Profit Booster™ is the brainchild of our admin who's been working for 2 years on a way to prevent a revenue share site from stalling, this plan is now a reality!
I addition we have our traffic packages via our own wholesale traffic site as well as income from the sale of referrals and the diverse advertising packages available for our advertisers.

Media Packs

Take care


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