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Author Topic: CashAnAds NEW SITE  (Read 1465 times)
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Jan 11, 2016 09:23 AM

Hi everyone l am the admin of CNA

cashanads.com is an advertising website plus revsharing
The site is being set up similar to traffic monsoon

More details of how things work below

There are  6 ways currently to earn with cashanads.
-- paid to click (ptc) section
-- refferal shares 111% revsharing
-- adgrid
-- sales comissions up to 10 levels deep depends on membership
--rented refferals
--direct refferals clicks 100%

Revenues are shared every 24 hrs.

All cashouts are made manually within 24hrs

We accept PayPal, Perfect Money as deposit/cashout option

PTC ads starting at 1$ for 500 credits (1 credit=1 click on 5sec ad, 5 credits=1click on 15 sec ad etc)
Refferal shares generates 111% after 55 days... i know it is not much but with repurchasing you can earn nice incowe while site is 100% stable

Affiliate commissions are up to 10 levels deep for membership purchases and up to 5 levels deep on share purchases, depends on your current membership
Direct refferal click earnings are 100% and only from 1 level

1 click daily is required to earn from shares and from refferals next day

Please check out our site at http://www.cashanads.com

PROMO: Today rented refferals only 0.30$/30 days
PROMO2: Every refferal share purchase till tomorrow 23:59 server time gives you golden membership 1 month free
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