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THE RULES - Last update: 8th August 2013
Author Topic: THE RULES - Last update: 8th August 2013  (Read 55589 times)
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Nov 13, 2010 08:35 am

  • General Rules apply here.
  • Respect the thread bumping rule, one bump every 24 hours only, note that you can't bump someone else's thread if it hasn't been 24 hours since his/her last bump.
  • You can only sell virtual products.
  • Selling all kinds of accounts is not allowed.
  • Don't hijack people's threads. Hijacking is putting information that might ruin or lower the chances of a member from making a sale, like posting opinions about how "bad" his product is, trying to plug in your own thread or claiming that what he's selling is illegal/suspicious without proof.
  • Sales must be done on board, you cannot redirect to another store/website.
  • You can have a maximum of 3 active threads, if you surpass this limit, your other threads will be locked.
  • You must own or have resale rights to what you are selling.
  • You cannot sell illegal/shady/suspicious products.
  • You may not ask members to contact you outside of eMoneySpace to conduct a sale, use Private Messages.
  • Selling traffic to generate ad revenue ( for adsense, or any other ad agency ) is not allowed.
  • Selling referrals is not allowed.

About eBooks & Software

  • Members can't ask Seller for a Free Review copies from now on.
  • Sellers can giveaway Free Review Copies if they want but EMS is not responsible for leaks regarding to the giveaway of review or free copies.
  • It is advised to give away review copies to the Staff while selling, So that Staff can check the Ebooks for Resell rights and copyright issues.
  • Do not try to Sale an eBook or Software which is available for free on Internet, it will be locked.
  • Do not try to cheat members by putting a product up for sale which you don't have Rights for. You can get banned for that.
  • If it is a software then members may ask for Demo Version if its available.

About Auction Threads

  • You need to make your Auction threads crystal clear with your terms and conditions at the time of making a thread, You just cannot add or change a condition after having some bids.
  • You may set a BIN but the person offering BIN needs to post it publicly on the Auction thread.
  • You can set a time frame for the bidders so that If no more Bid comes after that amount of time, the last bidder wins.
  • ***You may set a Reserve Price for your Auction threads from now, If the bidders failed to reach the reserve price then thread Starter has the right to cancel the Bid if there was a Reserve set.
  • You cannot accept private bids if you are running an auction, bidders must publicly post them.
  • You need to deliver the product if the Auction has been won by a bidder, you just can't cancel it after, or else you can get banned for it.

*** For example if the Auction Starts from 1.00$, minimum increment is 0.50$, BIN is 10.00$, and the Reserve Price is 3.00$, If bidding failed to reach at Reserve then thread starter has right to cancel the Auction.

Friendly Advice

  • Try to keep your thread title simple and readable, putting [WTB] ( meaning Want To Buy ) or [WTS] ( meaning Want To Sell ) in the beginning is preferable.
  • Make sure to include every possible detail concerning your product, people want to know what they are buying before buying it.
  • Provide accepted payment methods.
  • Use the spoiler tag [ spoiler ] to hide parts of your thread if it is big, so that it looks neat and organized.
  • Keep an eye on this thread from time to time, changes/modifications are frequently introduced.

Failure to abide by these rules, might result in the permanent ban of your account, these are simple rules, it shouldn't be hard to follow them.
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