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Returned after 10 years
Author Topic: Returned after 10 years  (Read 590 times)
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Reply #15: Aug 19, 2019 07:11 PM

Some kids grow and become more mature with the passage of time, while others refuse to do so.

I'm sorry but scammers are not easily reformed, in my opinion you may be only back not because of remorse but perhaps you yourself have been scammed and lost your money - so maybe you have felt what it feels like to be scammed.  Sometimes this is what it takes for people to learn the hard way from mistakes.
For the most part, scammers are never reformed, proof is, they keep running site after site after site after site, as long as people are gullible and keep believing bullshit lies the scammers see it as a lucrative business opportunity.  If scammers really show remorse they should use their resources for good, run a legit business and pay back the money they stole from people OR give back to society.

Because most scammers now are living a lavish lifestyle with the money they STOLE from others through the years.

I have a feeling that this is not your case, maybe you too got burned,  if you do feel remorse then actions would speak louder than words Smiley
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