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I am Admin offersclix.com Lunched today register & send your username in reply
Author Topic: I am Admin offersclix.com Lunched today register & send your username in reply  (Read 1160 times)
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Apr 10, 2015 10:20 am

http://offersclix.com Register here and build your downline referrals
Signup Bonus $1 Purchase balance And 1 month Free Gold Membership
Upto $0.02 per click, upto $0.01 per referral click upto 2% referral purchase commison Up to $2 per referral Upgrade commison, ad grid game, PTSU offers, Matomy offerwall, other task and offerwalls

I am Admin Of offersclix.com If you have any question about Offersclix.com you can leave reply with your question i will answer your question

about site Launch

We opened our project Since 08 April 2015, we was in beta phase for testing every thing and fixing every bug to make sure that you will have a smooth relationship with our program without having any issue.

Today Offersclix has finally born and launched!

Welcome to the new concept in the cheap online advertising!!
Our Team has done its best in creating the new concept of the cheapest online advertising! a unique system that was developed entirely for strategic solutions for advertisers.

Offersclix.com is a company founded in advertising solutions, geared to make life easier for advertisers to advertise there products with the lowest prices in the industry and be able to have hundreds of choices to chose from!
We promote our sponsors ideas and services, and pay a corresponding value in real money for our users to view the ads of our advertisers click ads, play Grid, PTSU offers, Offerwalls upto $2 referral upgrade comm., completing Offers and so much more! In other words, the system is based on a stable environment, to make both sides wins.

my name is Sandy Dhillon, I am a computer since lecturer teacher and i am also a big investor member in the familiar PTC sites that you use each day to make profits, Already making +$2500 pure profits each month from the PTC sites only!
in the PTC industry, i lost a lot, earned a lot, learned a lot, in fact i was a victim to a lot of PTC scammers, but in the same time i meet an amazing and honest friends and admins that motivate me to Continue this great journey, i am really thankful to be there friend.
i finally decided to make a unique system, to put my 3 years of experience to make the best strategic i ever learned to deliver a system can never fail !! a unique and stable PTC site that have the potential to last for the next 10 years!

we have a dedicated support team 24/7 online to help our members when they need any help! and we have extra layers of security for your protection.
in this amazing PTC site: there will be no more self-sponsored ads, no more small number of ads, no more unstable environment, no more expensive advertisements, no more scammers!!
with your help my friends, we will be the best PTC site for both sides (advertisers and users) all wins Smiley

here you can earn Up to $0.02 per Ad!, up to $0.01 Referral Click Earnings!, up to $5 per PTSU approved!, up to $5 wile playing Grid, up to $2 referral upgrade comm., Up to 2% Referral purchase comm, completing offers and so much more!!

please feel free to check hundreds of choices to chose from on the advertising page and to check our special packages that made to suit all your needs.

nothing suit your needs? need another Deals? Contact us today and let us help you promoting the right way!

hope u liked the site and Best luck with your earnings my dear friends, and with your advertisements, my dear advertisers

Best Regards,
Sandy Dhillon,
Offersclix Admin
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Reply #1: Apr 10, 2015 10:29 am

I dont understand how you manage to run your ptc if you are not able to read and follow simple rules here.

Nothing 4 now
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