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[WTB] Looking for PTC website (script) developer
Author Topic: [WTB] Looking for PTC website (script) developer  (Read 1533 times)
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Apr 09, 2015 10:18 AM

If you have no clue what is PTC please don't apply.
I need somebody who ALREADY had an experience in PTC site developing, and ALREADY made in the past such script.
I don't want you start from scratch (from nothing), it's really hard to do it from scratch, from zero. It's difficult, long time and expensive. I don't want it, and WILL NOT PAY THOUSANDS.
So all I want: you take your old developed PTC script (or download nulled PTC script from internet and delete all backdoors, or i can provide nulled Evolutionscript 5.1 and you delete all
backdoors from there if present any, i don't know). Then you fix it and remake for my requirements. That's why i will not pay much for this. I only need fixing and little remaking.

My requirements are not very difficult, it's almost already presents at any PTC script:
1) For workers: Panel containing available advertisements and AdPrize advertisements. Red Mark (Dot, preventing autoclickers) at Ad plank, new frame with Ad site, counting seconds
(for details just register at neobux.com and try to click some ads)
2)For Advertiser: Add advertisement, Pay via payment system, choose plan. Manage paid clicks: start, pause, resume Ad campaign
3)For Admin: simple panel where can set options and settings like Click cost, Minimum amount for payout, some other features
4) Forum
5) Accept PerfectMoney, Alertpay, Payza payments
6) Referral system
7) Help desk: Ticket system
Cool I've HTML designed template. Need to apply it to the script.
(All above functionality can be easily be checked at neobux.com, just create an account there and go on)
Don't need: Rented referral feature.
Additional feature needed:
Some simple feature like Rented referral at Neobux, but simpler (I'll explain later)
I prefer pure PHP rather then Smarty or another Template Engine
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Reply #1: Apr 09, 2015 11:20 AM

everything is present on evo and all other script

expect red dot on ads

and i can install design on script

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Reply #2: Apr 11, 2015 05:06 AM

All scripts have that...

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